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Airports near The New Oceanic Inn

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The New Oceanic Inn offers close proximity to the following airports:

Portland International Jetport

Portland International Jetport is a busy airport that handles a lot of traffic. The airport is located in Old Orchard Beach, Maine and it is the main airport for the state. The airport has two terminals, which are connected by a walkway. The first terminal is used for domestic flights and the second terminal is used for international flights.

The Portland International Jetport was built in 1962 and it has been serving passengers ever since. The airport has been through many renovation projects in the past, but the most recent one was completed in 2001. The project cost over $100 million and it was completed in just over two years.

The Portland International Jetport handles a lot of domestic and international flights each day. Some of the popular airlines that use the Portland International Jetport include American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. The Portland International Jetport also serves as a hub for Cape Air.

9.8 miles away

Pease International Tradeport

The Pease International Tradeport is home to a number of businesses and organizations that support the local economy. These businesses include a number of restaurants, stores, and other businesses that provide goods and services to the area. The tradeport also features a hotel, convention center, and other facilities that are used by visitors and residents. The tradeport has a long history dating back to the early 1800s when it was founded as a lumberyard. Today, the tradeport is an important part of the local economy and provides jobs for many people in the area.

37.5 miles away


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